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Halcyon Bike Shop is a new and used bicycle shop in the 12 South District of Nashville, TN. We are committed to helping our community grow by providing quality products and services to all of Nashville.

At the core of our shop is the service department! We’re very proud of the work we provide!  Building recycled and restored custom used bikes is a really fun way for us to express our creativity and bringing new life to an old bike is extremely rewarding. When properly maintained, bicycles can last a lifetime. Restoring and repurposing old bicycles can be a less expensive way to enjoy two wheels.

Our repair shop is committed to providing the very best service and experience for both bicycle and customer. Everyone at Halcyon shares a passion for bicycle culture and we take pride in the wide range of knowledge our employees possess in repairing, selling, and riding bicycles.


In addition to bicycle sales and repair, we are dedicated to the sale of local and handmade goods. We are proud to showcase both bike-related and unrelated items, including clothing, bags, small accessories, home goods, art, local music, and more. If you are interested in selling your handmade goods at Halcyon Bike, please contact us.

We're excited to be a partner with the Oasis Center for the Oasis Bike Workshop, a co-op bike shop open to Nashville’s youth. The Workshop teaches teens bike repair, maintenance and safety. Each teen is eligible to earn a free bicycle in exchange for their participation in the program. For bicycle donations, we suggest you drop your bike off with the Oasis Center directly located at 1702 Charlotte Ave. For more information about their workshop and programming, visit them here.

We believe that strong communities are fundamental to creating a better future. That is why we strive to be a communal space for progressive living. In order to see society improve and grow, we as individuals must make steps everyday to live responsibly. Riding bikes is a fun, easy way for everyone to better themselves, their community, and the environment.

Come to the shop and say hello, we are very nice and want to be friends!


Interested in working at Halcyon?



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