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Inventory Update

Updated July 23, 2023

As we continue to navigate supply chain issues and shortages brought on by the pandemic, we thought we'd fill you in on current and expected inventory moving forward. This is by no means an official list of every part, accessory, or bike we have in stock, but highlights bikes we have or are expecting soon. If you're looking for something specific and don't see it here, give us a call! Inventory and pricing are subject to change.

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All City - Surly - Cannondale - Ibis - OPEN - Chumba

Tumbleweed - Rivendell - Revel Bikes - Fairdale

E-Bikes - Kids Bikes - Build Kits

All City

Current models in stock:

Super Professional (geared $1650 and single speed $1350)

Space Horse Tiagra ($1799)

Space Horse GRX (52cm, 55cm, $2099)

Zig Zag 105 55cm ($2599)

Titanium Cosmic Stallion Frameset (52cm $3650)

Space Horse (custom built Shimano 1x, 49cm, Neptune Blue, $2150)

Gorilla Monsoon Frameset (49cm, Charred Berry, $1199)

Gorilla Monsoon Frameset (52cm, Aqua Seafoam, $1199)

Gorilla Monsoon GRX (52, 55, 58cm $2240)

All City Super Professional
All City Zig Zag 105
All City Space Horse Tiagra.JPG
Surly Bikes

Current models in stock:

Midnight Special ($2349)

Bridge Club (custom built Large frame $1499)

Straggler Framesets (60, $649)

Surly Ghost Grappler (Med, Large, XL, $1899)

Ogre Complete (Med, $1699)

Wednesday (Large, $1799)

Surly Ghost Grappler.JPG
Surly Midnight Special
Surly Ogre.JPG

Current models in stock:

Topstone Alloy 1 (XS, Large, $2325)

Treadwell 2 ($725)

Adventure 2 (Large, $620)

Quick Disc 4 ($740)

Scalpel Carbon SE 2 (Large, $4000)

Cannondale Topstone.jpg
Cannondale Super Six EVO SE.JPG
Cannondale Scalpel Carbon SE 2.JPG
Ibis Cycles

Current models in stock:

Mojo (XT build, carbon wheels, XL frame $8098)

Ibis Mojo

Current models in stock:

U.P. (Campagnolo Ekar drivetrain, ENVE cockpit, $6500)

U.P. (Large frame, SRAM Force AXS 1x drivetrain, Easton cockpit, $8500)

U.P. (framesets, $3200, check out available build kits here)

WI.DE (SRAM Force AXS 1x complete, Med and Large, $5999)

WI.DE (SRAM GX flat bar build, ENVE wheels and cockpit, Large)

Open Cycles
Open Cycles UP.JPG
Open Cycles Custom WIDE.JPG

Current models in stock:

Tumbleweed Bikes

Current models in stock:

Prospector frameset (Small, Sage Green, $1550)

Stargazer frameset (Medium, Bone White, $1350)

Tumbleweed Prospector

Current models in stock:

A. Homer Hilson (51cm frame, White Industries/Microshift build, $5000)

Rivendell Bikes
Rivendell Home Hilson.JPG

Current models in stock:

Ranger (Medium and Large, GX Build, $4639)

Rascal (Medium and Large, GX Build, $4719)

Rover (Medium and Large, GRX Build, $3680)

Revel Bikes
Revel Ranger.JPG
Revel Rover.JPG

Current models in stock:

Weekender Archer $999

Fairdale Weekender Archer
Fairdale Bikes


Current models in stock:

Benno RemiDemi (one size, $3899)

Surly Skid Loader (Small, Large, $4799)


Kids Bikes

Current models in stock:

Cleary Meerkat (24" wheels, 5 speeds, $580)

Cleary Owl (20" wheels, single speed $396)

Cannondale Quick 20 (20 inch wheels, $435)

Cannondale Trail 16 (16 inch wheels, $280)

Cannondale Trail 12 ($260)

Cleary Meerkat Kids Bike 24" inch
Cleary Owl 20" Kids Bike Inch
Cannondale Kids Bikes

Build Kits

We're happy to build any framesets up however you like depending upon parts availability. Below are some kits that we currently have in stock or on the way.

Current stock:

Campagnolo Ekar build kits

Revel RW23 Wheelsets ( Industry 9 Torch hubs, $2200)

Shimano GRX build kits

Industry 9 UL250 Carbon CX Wheelsets ($2300)

Interested in used bikes? Check out our selection here.

Build Kits
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